Roja & Poove Unakkaga - Mahasangamam Part 1 | Ep.54 & 55 | 14 Oct 2020 | Sun TV | Tamil Serial

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Watch the latest Episode of popular Tamil Serial #Roja & #PooveUnakkaga Mahasangamam, that airs on Sun TV.

Roja is a drama serial on Sun TV. Shanthamurthy, runs his ashram for orphans along with Roja, a compassionate young woman. Maruthanayagam’s greed to seize the orphanage results in bad blood between his daughter Sakshi and Roja. The story unfolds how Roja realizes her dream for the ashram, amidst love, betrayal and her mysterious past.

Poove Unakkaga is a drama serial on Sun TV. Poovarasi and Keerthy share a heart-warming bond of friendship and hope to stay friends forever. Poovarasi promises her mother that she won’t fall-in-love with anyone, but often dreams about a mysterious man. By a stroke of fate, he happens to be Kathir, a rich and handsome young man who falls in love with Keerthy at first sight. Watch this refreshing tale of love and friendship to know more.

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